Away with the fairies- Lucy McCormick

Frail, face cracked with age Canyon lines at the side of a smile White hair like a Dalmatian pelican Eyes glossed over in swirls of zaffre and Carolina blue Figure hunched in a night gown of lilac rhododendron patterns Arms rested upon the darkened hickory leather upholstery of the arm chair Eyes staring empty into… Continue reading Away with the fairies- Lucy McCormick

Untitled- Katarina Sarić

When stretched under the bark she whose womb is torn up by her sons and the fear has gone from woman mother life I will collect the hem of the pleated dress and will sew in a new heart to suit a solemn affair as sewed on this face and this picture sick from anemia… Continue reading Untitled- Katarina Sarić

THE THIRD TANGO- Katarina Sarić

My daughter is playing on the square with the city band a contraption which stands for a classical piano synthesizer it is called-- abusively says my dad who is horribly unnerved by noise synthesized time unites all the sound and sense and I still somehow hope that it will unite all the old Slavs he… Continue reading THE THIRD TANGO- Katarina Sarić

“100 Years with Aleksandra Kollontai” -Katarina Sarić

But I only wanted to protect and defend you to bury every memory of painful embryo and woe of social wrong trenches and weeded roofs I wanted to prick off your eyes with a golden hook so you see to act as your speed bump that whore at the corner of the street an orphan… Continue reading “100 Years with Aleksandra Kollontai” -Katarina Sarić

Foxglove- Jane Austin

I Fox in socks. Hand shoes for ladies who lunch. II Digitalis purpuria I should not have ingested you. Acrid gelatine, with just a hint of cut grass, pound the petal door. III Gyroscopic flags singing in hedgerows. You laugh, dancing, Gemini rising, even when it rains. IV Purple pas de deux pirouetting on a… Continue reading Foxglove- Jane Austin

Black Stars- Aoife Reilly

Imagine a room thick with anticipation It started there. From a white room in a squat with jittery laughter into tourist streets, Amsterdam 1997- think corrupted tulips and Macedonian gypsy dance. Balloons in my hands and cotton candy streets from now have flashed me back to this squat on the outskirts of a lonely city-… Continue reading Black Stars- Aoife Reilly

Spunsilk Evening- Aoife Burke

Spun silk evening marker moon I bonded with my shadow as if too soon Faraway places over it did shine the passage of death as if a crime robbing the breath it did incline the melody of darkness a last goodbye Fare thee well sister moon for dawn approaches it speaks the truth all has… Continue reading Spunsilk Evening- Aoife Burke

Thirteenth Moon- Aoife Reilly

When I melt into the woods by the cottage I hear you lapwing riding the December moon scraping out your speech against the air lost on your path to the ocean Sometimes I catch this sound And steal it into my belly swallow a filament of your flying grace drink it down fast to bypass… Continue reading Thirteenth Moon- Aoife Reilly