A summer reverie- Varghese Joy

It was about 2.30 in the afternoon and I was sitting on the sofa in my living room. It was a hot and bright afternoon in Dublin. My little daughter was having a nap in her bedroom upstairs. The atmosphere was unusually quiet and serene. As I was sitting with my legs stretched, oblivious to… Continue reading A summer reverie- Varghese Joy

Family Fortunes- Phil O’Kelly

‘And who do we have now, let me see... Kaylah, from Tallaght right here in Dublin! Come on down, Kaylah.’ Camera pans back and forth across the audience whilst spotlights flash on and off. The shot eventually settles on a young girl, fifteen years old, with black bangs, thick black eyebrows which have been plucked… Continue reading Family Fortunes- Phil O’Kelly

Hero- Oran McDonald

I never asked to be anything more. Thought that to myself bulleting down Filmore Street, the one on Grey Avenue. New one this time. Calls himself the scamp or something, maybe it was the shrew. These lads do be ratcheting out at an alarming rate these days, as if there’s a conveyor belt somewhere surrounded… Continue reading Hero- Oran McDonald

Animal Anthem- Robert Boucheron

“Come to the next potluck supper for Voice of the Turtle. They told me to invite you.”     “I wouldn’t fit in, darling. Like an onion in a bed of roses.”     “How do you know? You haven’t even met them. You could bring your eggplant dish. What’s it called?”     “Ratatouille. It has other things in it.”… Continue reading Animal Anthem- Robert Boucheron