Etchings (IHS)- Attracta Fahy

There will be no miracles in a graveyard                                                                                              … Continue reading Etchings (IHS)- Attracta Fahy


History Repeated. – Attracta Fahy

Once it was the colonists, now it’s the banks, poor, rich, and poor again. Evicted, they search for a new home, a new land, a better life. Poor, defeated bodies, burdened with shame. No warmth or compassion in oppressors, hearts of stone. Our homeless, brothers, sisters, our children aimlessly drift, daily wake to morning sky,… Continue reading History Repeated. – Attracta Fahy

Vigil- Attracta Fahy

I walk a vigil to my parish, over the five fairy forts, climb church stiles that once led believers to Mass. Four paths, through fields to the 17th century church, hidden amongst overgrowth, bramble, briar, whitethorn, and clump. Only faint outlines of stone, hidden in ruin: time’s watermark. Walls speak in silence, our history, famine,… Continue reading Vigil- Attracta Fahy