The Indiscernible Mother- Katy Thornton

Beth told herself she would wait until the sun came up, but it came up too quickly. She resolved to wait until the first bird chirped, and then until the third, and then until the sixteenth. By the time she got out of bed that morning, she had lost count – the chirping had turned… Continue reading The Indiscernible Mother- Katy Thornton


A summer reverie- Varghese Joy

It was about 2.30 in the afternoon and I was sitting on the sofa in my living room. It was a hot and bright afternoon in Dublin. My little daughter was having a nap in her bedroom upstairs. The atmosphere was unusually quiet and serene. As I was sitting with my legs stretched, oblivious to… Continue reading A summer reverie- Varghese Joy

THE THIRD TANGO- Katarina Sarić

My daughter is playing on the square with the city band a contraption which stands for a classical piano synthesizer it is called-- abusively says my dad who is horribly unnerved by noise synthesized time unites all the sound and sense and I still somehow hope that it will unite all the old Slavs he… Continue reading THE THIRD TANGO- Katarina Sarić

Calvary- Natalie Madden

The rain that came down from the heavens that morning was thick and persistent. It would not yield, it would not relent. It was deliberate. The sound of the slapping and splashing was almost maddening. In places on the paved road where the ground was sloping, the rainfall created a fine spray, and sloppy, uneven… Continue reading Calvary- Natalie Madden

“100 Years with Aleksandra Kollontai” -Katarina Sarić

But I only wanted to protect and defend you to bury every memory of painful embryo and woe of social wrong trenches and weeded roofs I wanted to prick off your eyes with a golden hook so you see to act as your speed bump that whore at the corner of the street an orphan… Continue reading “100 Years with Aleksandra Kollontai” -Katarina Sarić

Family Fortunes- Phil O’Kelly

‘And who do we have now, let me see... Kaylah, from Tallaght right here in Dublin! Come on down, Kaylah.’ Camera pans back and forth across the audience whilst spotlights flash on and off. The shot eventually settles on a young girl, fifteen years old, with black bangs, thick black eyebrows which have been plucked… Continue reading Family Fortunes- Phil O’Kelly

Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail- Jonathan Crockett

‘I’ll be there at 10 o’clock sharp, make sure you’re ready to go, okay?’ Terry would always arrive wearing a different cap, more than likely left behind by a passenger in the back of his taxi. At 1020am he would come round the corner at a leisurely speed, a disfigured taxi sign hanging precariously on… Continue reading Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail- Jonathan Crockett