The Soane And Rhone- Marc Carver

Two swans two ducks and a seagull sit on the quay where the two rivers meet They don't talk to each other but they seem to be saying something it seems to be important but whatever it is it doesn't involve me. I kept walking past the drunks who sat on the steps at the… Continue reading The Soane And Rhone- Marc Carver

Devilishly- Eoin O’Connor

On the couch in his house, I tremble with nerves while he fetches glasses from the kitchen. He had the fire lit when I walked in, already blazing in the hearth, warming the entire room and fogging up my glasses from the sudden contrast to the freezing weather outside. He seems so at ease with… Continue reading Devilishly- Eoin O’Connor

A Boxer’s Nose Can Never Break but the Heart Will Take a Beating- Mikayla Kelly

Red and blue never warm up together. No mind games before the ring. The skip skip skip of the girl five fights away. The pah pah pah of some gobshite doing drills as if her technique will improve within the next five minutes. Run up the corridor, run down the corridor, the stretches already done.… Continue reading A Boxer’s Nose Can Never Break but the Heart Will Take a Beating- Mikayla Kelly

Finn Valley Festival Queen 1985- Mauk Donnabhain

Patrick lit up a cigarette and looked at his phone again, as he stood outside the theatre in Vauxhall, sheltering in the doorway of the service entrance, pulling his jacket tighter around his shoulders. It was always the same with his mother’s emails. She wrote emails the way people had written letters in the old… Continue reading Finn Valley Festival Queen 1985- Mauk Donnabhain

Away with the fairies- Lucy McCormick

Frail, face cracked with age Canyon lines at the side of a smile White hair like a Dalmatian pelican Eyes glossed over in swirls of zaffre and Carolina blue Figure hunched in a night gown of lilac rhododendron patterns Arms rested upon the darkened hickory leather upholstery of the arm chair Eyes staring empty into… Continue reading Away with the fairies- Lucy McCormick

The Indiscernible Mother- Katy Thornton

Beth told herself she would wait until the sun came up, but it came up too quickly. She resolved to wait until the first bird chirped, and then until the third, and then until the sixteenth. By the time she got out of bed that morning, she had lost count – the chirping had turned… Continue reading The Indiscernible Mother- Katy Thornton

A summer reverie- Varghese Joy

It was about 2.30 in the afternoon and I was sitting on the sofa in my living room. It was a hot and bright afternoon in Dublin. My little daughter was having a nap in her bedroom upstairs. The atmosphere was unusually quiet and serene. As I was sitting with my legs stretched, oblivious to… Continue reading A summer reverie- Varghese Joy