Away with the fairies- Lucy McCormick

Frail, face cracked with age

Canyon lines at the side of a smile

White hair like a Dalmatian pelican

Eyes glossed over in swirls of zaffre and Carolina blue

Figure hunched in a night gown of lilac rhododendron patterns

Arms rested upon the darkened hickory leather upholstery of the arm chair

Eyes staring empty into beyond

Left alone

Left in silence

Because she is “away with the fairies”

Eyes begin to drop and vison blurs

Darkness creeps in

Eyes clear to find one in a forest

Bare feet on moss

Sending an energetic chill up the frame

The sun rising to paint the ancient oak with a new regal gold

And to shine through the dew drops on the ferns

The wind steepeling through the birch leaves

making the wild awake with a fluttery gutter

a quiet tingle and jingle to advert one’s eyes to a lily,

thin stemmed with a white porcelain veil on top.

A small hand clasped around the base.

A blue bell fitted over the nest of flaxen curls

which hung around the pair of pointed ears.

A pair of silk wings sliced silently through the morning breeze.

A brass bugle held firm in the other hand.

Eyes meet with confusion and wonder,

for then unprompted the lesser associate glided away

to which the elder one followed in suit

stumbling like a young fawn over water logged undergrowth

blanketed in green foliage

fallen by summers closing

she was away with the fairies

the petite figure danced through the magnolias and ashers,

pranced over the poppies and daffodils,

swung around the sunflowers and snap-dragons,

all while playing small airy tunes to wake the land of its restful solitude.

Crossing the lovers gate with ease

To find the small messenger of Titania perched upon a water clover

rested upon a coal covered lake

blowing the bugle to anticipate

first toes submerged,




wading like a work horse over sodden fields

then shoulders.

the creature on the clover smirked and beckoned with its hand to come forward-

the rocks gave out from under-

cold, coldness covered in shock

gasping for breaths that are not there,

nor will they ever be,

arms becoming weak from trying and she closes her eyes-

she went away with the fairies

now an empty arm chair lies vacant

with a back door agape

so, no one saw me go,

they let it be so

and now through the woods I went with my kind-hearted friend.

Now I lie under like narcissus only from within

To be and to forever stay.

Because I went away with the fairies


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