The Puzzle King- Will Fox

The Irish Tribune was a failing paper, even by the dire standards of print media. Not stuffy enough to be a broadsheet, not mindless enough to be a tabloid, it was an also-ran, an anomaly of which most consumers had never heard, and those that did never bought. Two years into its life, the company… Continue reading The Puzzle King- Will Fox


Ronnie Reagan and The Salmon of Knowledge- Will Fox

Joe Conroy was the last to arrive at The Bolted Horse. It was a fine pub, with nice oak furnishings, no young people and the cheapest pints in a twelve kilometre radius. The latter was most important as it was the only leg-up they had over O’ Donovan’s, the other pub in Ballyporeen, the place… Continue reading Ronnie Reagan and The Salmon of Knowledge- Will Fox

No Junk Mail- Darragh Ambrose

The trick was to find the groove and stay in it for as long as possible. A beautiful state of flow where nothing mattered except the flash of leaflet to letterbox. There were all sorts of letterbox. The wall-mounted ones were the best. Beautiful things that could be tackled with one hand. Others required the… Continue reading No Junk Mail- Darragh Ambrose

A Red Curtain Waved Out Through a Broken Window Frame.- Kevin McManus

James Madigan got out of the car and looked around. To his right he could see the imprints left where children had frolicked and carved out snow angels. The hollows left behind were starting to fill with fresh snow that whispered and capered as it descended upon the silent, frozen and calm earth. The flakes… Continue reading A Red Curtain Waved Out Through a Broken Window Frame.- Kevin McManus

Black Stars- Aoife Reilly

Imagine a room thick with anticipation It started there. From a white room in a squat with jittery laughter into tourist streets, Amsterdam 1997- think corrupted tulips and Macedonian gypsy dance. Balloons in my hands and cotton candy streets from now have flashed me back to this squat on the outskirts of a lonely city-… Continue reading Black Stars- Aoife Reilly