Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail- Jonathan Crockett

‘I’ll be there at 10 o’clock sharp, make sure you’re ready to go, okay?’ Terry would always arrive wearing a different cap, more than likely left behind by a passenger in the back of his taxi. At 1020am he would come round the corner at a leisurely speed, a disfigured taxi sign hanging precariously on… Continue reading Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail- Jonathan Crockett


Creaking Pipes- Jonathan Crockett

It seemed everything was a self revealing cliché, and almost invariably it was true to the rule. ‘You know all those things the old boys say, those kind of half baked witticisms: ‘joke with a jag’ as they say. Well as you get older, you realise they’re all fucking true!’ He didn’t really talk like… Continue reading Creaking Pipes- Jonathan Crockett

No Junk Mail- Darragh Ambrose

The trick was to find the groove and stay in it for as long as possible. A beautiful state of flow where nothing mattered except the flash of leaflet to letterbox. There were all sorts of letterbox. The wall-mounted ones were the best. Beautiful things that could be tackled with one hand. Others required the… Continue reading No Junk Mail- Darragh Ambrose

A Red Curtain Waved Out Through a Broken Window Frame.- Kevin McManus

James Madigan got out of the car and looked around. To his right he could see the imprints left where children had frolicked and carved out snow angels. The hollows left behind were starting to fill with fresh snow that whispered and capered as it descended upon the silent, frozen and calm earth. The flakes… Continue reading A Red Curtain Waved Out Through a Broken Window Frame.- Kevin McManus