A Man’s Journey Into Darkness- Patrick Lynch

It was another day for me, just like it was yesterday, the day before that and the day before that, in fact one might say on looking at my life “there’s a guy who’s in one hell of a rut with a very mundane job”. Thing is they’d be just about right in saying that about me.
The clock on the office wall hit five, that’s it another day over, time to start the daily routine that takes me from the strain I daily endure at work to the quite relaxed life of home. Looking at my watch seeing I’m on time, “always to the second my man”. That’s what I comment to myself as I go about my usual routine, ten minutes to the store to pick up dinner, then another five minutes to the station my daily rota that helps me catch the 5.30 express home.
Rush hour, today no different to any other. To get my seat I had to endure the usual pushing and shoving one goes through while waiting for your train to pull in, Everyone angling to get front and center for the door, I didn’t pay much heed to the fact that the train had pulled in with me right in line for the door, meaning I was able to beat the scramble for the best seats in the carriages.
Having boarded the train I couldn’t fail to notice that here I was sitting in seat number 13 carriage number 13, funny I thought, this is where I sat on yesterday’s trip home, as I quickly glanced around my surroundings it dawned on me that even down to the broken armrest on my seat as well as the torn luggage net holder above my head, started seeing this being a bit similar to that movie “Groundhog Day” I once watched, “No don’t be silly”, I’m saying to myself as I make myself comfortable for the 90 minute journey that lay ahead, while doing so glancing briefly out the window seeing the train take its first strides away from the platform.
The motion of the train makes me feel sleepy, I can feel my eyes getting heavy, I am overcome by tiredness. A shake of the head quickly bringing me back round, conscious of all around me. For I had a little rule of sorts it being that I never sleep on the train, obeying this rule usually guaranteed that once I had dinner and got rid of any paperwork taken home I knew, I was always in line for a good night’s sleep. Again feeling my eyes getting tired and feeling heavy, feeling on this occasion this was a battle I was quickly losing, thought why not, it is only my rule and after all 15 minutes shut eye won’t hurt, will it?
Don’t know how long I’d slept, it felt like forever. Struggling for a moment or two to compose myself, I started to feel a numbness about my body, a dead weight. My eyes now focused met the dark, nothing in sight except for what I thought was the still of the night, utter darkness all round me no light no indication as to where I was, nothing to tell me in which direction I should take.
“Hello, hello” can anybody help? Where am I? Is anybody there? Please? Hello? All my cries for help were to no avail now feeling myself getting caught up in an ice cold wind, engulfing me all over, very quickly, at the same time this was causing a ripple in my body stirring it into a slight movement, yet unable to make me fully move, I yelled out again, I can’t move my legs I’ve got no feeling in my hands, can’t lift my head, once again my shouts coming to no avail and all this time getting colder and colder.
A feeling of giving up, stop resisting, stop fighting whatever was out there was beginning to take over. It was now in that eerie darkness that I was caught in, all the silence was suddenly broken interrupted by something someone in the far distance. I wanted to cry out in answer to what? To what I was hearing. Only to do so, I couldn’t catch a breath, I was gasping for air, all the time that sound the rumblings getting closer and closer. What this was or whoever it was I felt it get closer and closer becoming clearer getting louder coming nearer to making its presence felt.
Feeling my eyes closing, I quickly re-opened them again to see a presence of some sort beside me starting to speak. I could hear whoever or whatever this was in front of me say “Last stop, last stop” all the time getting louder and louder piercing my ears making my head feel that it was about to explode. It was at this time that this loud tone was sounding like it was being silenced taken over by more gentle in fact a very angelic sounding voice, this voice was telling me, “You are here, you’ve arrived at your destination Patrick, we’ve come to where you always said you wanted to end up someday and Patrick I’m happy to tell you that day has now come”.
Try as I did I couldn’t turn my head towards where this voice, this new sound was coming from. Then, from it seemed like out of nowhere, this posture, this vision appeared. Not getting a clear picture, trying to make out who or what this was that was next to me, then suddenly the shape started becoming clearer the mist like firm that surrounded it was lifting, as this was happening could now see myself coming face to face with something someone not of this world that I knew. “Hello Patrick” I heard it say. “Patrick we have taken this journey many, so many times, now we have reached the last stop, this is the last and final time we take this train, the time has now come for you and I to walk together”. I tried hard to argue, my objections were to no avail, “No, no, no” I shouted “No this can’t be happening”, “Patrick dear, dear, Patrick you’ve come here to rest now, it’s time now your time has come”.
Through nothing more than shock I managed to speak uttering I don’t understand? Why? “No I shouldn’t be here, I don’t know this place. You, please tell me who you are? What’s your name? Tell me where am I?
“Patrick look into my eyes tell me what you see? Who do you see?
It came to me, placing a tighter grip around the hand I held, “Take a step with me”, this step then another one led me into what I thought was a halo of light a bright sunbeam shining down on me. Looking to know who I could now see clearly, see who’s hand it was I was holding, “Constance? Wait? What? Why are you are here? Why are you here? I don’t understand? Where is this place? Why are you here?”
“You don’t know where you are do you Patrick? You are trying to make sense of all this? Then suddenly I started to remember to see events unfold before my eyes. “I remember the bar on the train yes it’s the bar on the train. That’s where we met, that’s where I know you from”. “Constance”. “I stood aside to let the barman see you”, at this stage I was now recalling things quicker coming back to me much clearer. “You ordered two whiskey sours, remember saying to you I’m sorry your with someone forgive me for being friendly, I’m sorry, I thought you were alone then I see you order two drinks, hit me then you were waiting for someone to join you”.
“Patrick”, you said “I’m not waiting for anybody else, I’m here for you. Constance is here for you. Please take my hand again Patrick let you and I take a walk together, there is something you need to see, things will then all become clear to you”.
I firmly clasped Constance’s outstretched hand as we took a step another one quickly followed, these steps had led me into a clear white scene of what looked like clouds. It was there and then that I no longer felt Constance’s hand holding mine. Coming from somewhere behind me I could hear her voice, speaking in an ever distant growing tone I could hear her say “Prepare yourself Patrick be ready”,
I called out “Wait? Wait don’t go please don’t go, don’t leave me”, turning to see her figure slowly disappear into the distance. I looked around trying hard to take in these new surroundings that Constance had brought me to, all round me what I thought was day quickly became night, darkness all around then appearing in front of me was what looked like what I thought was a tunnel it was up close in front of me yet seemed far away. It is from this distance that I see a light approaching, nearer and nearer arriving towards me quicker and quicker by the second, it was then the light returned the mist had cleared the fog had lifted. Now I could see where I was, standing alone among the wreckage of a train bodies, both young and old strewn all around me, it’s all now just a memory for some, those that still recall the day the 5.30 express left the station on that fateful day.

17 thoughts on “A Man’s Journey Into Darkness- Patrick Lynch”

  1. I really enjoyed this mysterious story ..you feel you are with the character in his bewilderment and then the realisation of what happened ..this actually tells a story of the unknown and I look forward to more from this writer ..thumbs up from me …

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  2. I really liked Patrick Lynch’s story “A Man’s Journey Into Darkness” – I thought it was great how it all started and how easy it was to relate to the character’s life on some level or another. – Then the story started to built more and more and ultimately left you with a thought-provoking ending! – Keep up the good work! 😀


  3. Excellent story. Had me on the edge of my seat. The way the story develops had me guessing right til the end. Looking forward to your next one.


  4. What an interesting and thought provoking story. It made you feel you were on that train journey. As the story progressed you were hooked! So many emotions warmth, compassion, energy, fear. What a story!


  5. I thought this story was great, it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. It was very thought provoking, such as what was going to happen next, I was not ready for it to end, I wanted to keep reading about Patrick’s experiences and where was he going to end up, or where was he going? I hope Patrick will become a regular writer, a household name if you would, if he should publish a book I would be the first in line to purchase it.

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  6. Lovely bed this story …it had me hooked from the start …the drama , suspense and unknown ….Patrick you have to write more …can’t wait !


  7. i really enjoyed reading this pat.i think it was it was good from the start to finish .if you are going to write more …wicth i really thing you should .. i be very happy to to read it and and enjoy it as much as i did on this one ..


  8. Wow, what a really interesting read! I really had no idea where this story was going to go and I have to say I honestly did not expect that superb ending! I’ve never read anything from this author and I’m not sure if this is his first attempt at writing but if so it was written really well and I would be interested to read more from this author. Well done and keep up the good work!


  9. Very well written and creepy didn expect the endin at all, i agree wit the others more stories or a book would be a good idea.


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