Lose the Light-Amy Wyatt

For the umpteenth time she bellowed do not swing those eggs! At eight a bag of precious freight seemed to somehow only slow me down for half a minute. I’d stop that bag mid flight; control it like a drone; hover it like dragonfly on pond. Then something snapped and once again it swung like… Continue reading Lose the Light-Amy Wyatt

Camino Portugues- Aoife Reilly

We travel with our broken places through wild mint, grapevines, angelica shadows on the heart still long healing, we’ve been told, takes its own time the wish we’ve lost must first be walked under the tender grace of olive groves to the steady click of crickets I have walked to mounds of stones piled high… Continue reading Camino Portugues- Aoife Reilly

Dying Wild- Stephanie Clark

When she thought of death, she tasted blackberries.  Those wild vines covered with sharp, bloody thorns and their late summer aroma of the sickly-sweet juice rising in the air.  Blackberries with their wildness, growing anywhere, intertwined through the grasses, the fences, the shrubs, unrestricted and uncontained.  A man could hack away at the creeping tendrils,… Continue reading Dying Wild- Stephanie Clark

A Man’s Journey Into Darkness- Patrick Lynch

It was another day for me, just like it was yesterday, the day before that and the day before that, in fact one might say on looking at my life “there's a guy who's in one hell of a rut with a very mundane job”. Thing is they'd be just about right in saying that… Continue reading A Man’s Journey Into Darkness- Patrick Lynch

TEENAGERS- Brian Wilson

when i was thirteen i owned a blue MP3 player (thing was round and chunky) and i used it to listen to songs like LORD_OF_THE_RINGS_SHIRE_THEME.mp3 and LORD_OF_THE_RINGS_BRIDGE_OF_KHAZAD_DUM_THEME.mp3 and my personal favourite LORD_OF_THE_RINGS_BREAKING_OF_THE_FELLOWSHIP_THEME.mp3 (you might have gathered i liked lord of the rings) “what you listening to?” asked sophie on the bus ride home “nothing,” i… Continue reading TEENAGERS- Brian Wilson

Animal Anthem- Robert Boucheron

“Come to the next potluck supper for Voice of the Turtle. They told me to invite you.”     “I wouldn’t fit in, darling. Like an onion in a bed of roses.”     “How do you know? You haven’t even met them. You could bring your eggplant dish. What’s it called?”     “Ratatouille. It has other things in it.”… Continue reading Animal Anthem- Robert Boucheron

School Mornings- Anne Bevan

Winter mornings we cycled in the pristine darkness, Freezing hands in coat pockets. The day was nothing, yet. A burst of voices broke the frosty magic. As the sky lightened from a watery east, The school coach approached over the hilltop. Settling low in the threadbare seat, I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.… Continue reading School Mornings- Anne Bevan

The Speed of Light- The Man in the Black Pyjamas

The speed of light is fairly fucking slow when you’re broke and wondering if the power’s been cut off. We usually went months without paying it, so when I came in from work in the evening the pause between the switch clicking and the bulb lighting up was long enough for me to realise I’d… Continue reading The Speed of Light- The Man in the Black Pyjamas