Statues Of Famine Walkers- Kelly Konya

You have to walk what feels like the entire city and tiptoe across the mother-river to Custom House Quay pass the evergrey sky blocking light on mismatched office blocks and time and pause to gaze up at the latest mural which, as a rainbow comic strip reel, makes less sense than from faraway. You have… Continue reading Statues Of Famine Walkers- Kelly Konya


from when you were homeless- Kelly Konya

since it’s just me here I’ve made a makeshift home and stayed there besides the few times that morning came by surprise, and I didn’t sleep but felt rain and rain and light hail same as the night the blood-red moon sailed above these green hills and the moldy buildings were especially putrid, and you… Continue reading from when you were homeless- Kelly Konya

To Win It- Gary Hartley

It’s funny, the urge to predict, to punt, to assess probabilities and throw property down the drain is still there, even after what some would describe as winning the big one. Once a gambler. That the only two members of the syndicate survived the big crash bang burning skin cancer-on-coke cavalcade strikes as an anomaly… Continue reading To Win It- Gary Hartley