I Had A Dream- Attracta Fahy

Demeter walked on High Street,
cupped faint light in her hands,
afraid it might die.
A shaded path on the right,
took her feet, the opposite direction
to her mentors, men,
on the left, bathed in streetlight,
inebriated. Their omnipotent
puer walked to the water
in Nimos pier, brothers in arms,
in need.

Prisms of colour, monuments
that hide, tumbledown houses.
What can you offer me? She speaks
silently, to men, life, god,
herself, as she marches with fire.
Pisces moved behind the sun,
The feet of Ophicuhus, serpent bearer,
sits on the ecliptic,

Lucifer, bringer of light,
forces our gaze to our own mystery,
our original She, a birthright,
stripped at birth.
Larger than her, him, them and us.
She fears, not for herself,
her daughter.

Three times this dream returns,
tells her, walk on, the unencountered dark
will take you home.


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